Yamaha Premium EF2600 Generator Price in Pakistan

Brand new Yamaha Yamaha Premium EF2600 Generator Price in Pakistan. Buy this New Yamaha Premium EF2600 Generator at most suitable price in Pakistan. Also check Second hand or used Yamaha Premium EF2600Generator Prices in Pakistan. Check PaperPk Shop for Petrol Generators, Diesel Generators , Gas Generators and other prices in Pakistan.

The new EF2600 can power home appliances in an emergency or tools like disc sanders and space heaters. Its quiet dependability offers unrivaled performance and peace of mind. Its a lot of juice for the money.
4-stroke, OHV (overhead valve), single cylinder, air-cooled engine – Improved efficiency, increased reliability and quiter operation.
Legal for sale in all 50 states – Meets CARB emission regulations.
Auto-decompression system – Reduces compression for easier starting.
AC Voltmeter – Provides easy-to-read voltage output.
Oil watch warning system – Prevents engine damage, avoids costly repairs and minimizes down time. Provides added peace of mind and enhances long-term durability.
AC Non-fuse thermal breaker – Peace of mind and added durability.
Fuel gauge – Ability to gauge fuel level without opening cap.
Large 2.9 gallon fuel tank – Provides 11 hours of continuous operation @ rated load.
Rugged full rollover frame – Added durability and protects generator engine and fuel tank.
Mechanical governor – Maintains engine speed to deliver consistent AC output.
Specially designed muffler – Reduces weight and noise.
Brushless alternator – Maintenance free and reliable.
Rubber vibration isolation mounts – Reduces vibration and increases smooth operation.
Cast iron cylinder lining – Long engine life, excellent heat dissipation.

Type Brushless

Maximum AC Output 2600 watts

Rated AC Output 2300 watts

Rated / Maximum AC Current 19 / 21.6 amps @ 120V

Engine Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder

Displacement 171cc

Overall Length 20.1 in

Overall Width 16.3 in

Overall Height 16.7 in

Dry Weight 92.6 lb

Fuel Tank Capacity 2.9 gal

Continuous Operation at Rated Load 7.8 hr

Noise Level 68.0 dBA

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