Sony XS-GTX6930 Car Accessories Price In Pakistan

Sony XS-GTX6930

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Sony’s GTX speakers give new meaning to “full-range.” Strong, lightweight woofers combine with a variety of midrange drivers and tweeters to attain a perfect balance between raw power capability and accurate reproduction


* 400W Peak Power (100W RMS)
* 1 Inch HDLD Balanced Diaphram Tweeter
* 2-1/2 Inch� HDLD Cone Midrange
* 6 x 9 Inch� HOP Woofer Cone
* Rubber Surround
* Ferrite Magnet


* Diameter 6 x 9 inches
* Speaker System 3-Way Coaxial
* Peak Power (W) 400
* Rated Power (W) 100
* Frequency Response (Hz) 30-32kHz
* Sensitivity 1W/1M (dB) 93dB


* Type HOP Cone
* Magnet Material Ferrite
* Magnet Size (mm) 90 x 15
* Voice Coil Size (mm) 30

Mid Range

* Type Cone
* Material HDLD
* Size (mm) 66
* Magnet Type Ferrite


* Size (mm) 25

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