Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Mobile Price in Pakistan

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ony Ericsson has produced some exceptional handsets over the years, with certain gems like the W950, W300i and W580i (just to name a few) catching the eyes and hearts of casual and hardcore mobile fanatics alike. Even so, it’s hard to argue that any single phone in the outfit’s history has caused more of a stir than the XPERIA X1. Sure, half of that is because we here in America have been waiting on the thing since February, but the other is due to pure, unadulterated sex appeal. 2008 has been a banner year for smart- / touchscreen-based handsets, and even though this one is lagging behind most of the other guys in terms of time to market, the X1 is still a formidable rival. We had a chance to spend a few quality days with the North America-bound X1a ($799.99; ships November 28th) — which is different than the X1i that has already landed in certain parts of the globe — and if you’ve come here looking for opinions, you haven’t come in vain. Follow us past the break for a look at the pros, the cons and the middling minutiae of SE’s slickest smartphone yet.

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