Sony Ericsson F100i MZ Mobile Price in Pakistan

When we first set eyes on the Jalou we were simply flabbergasted. With dimensions of 73 x 45 x 17mm, when closed, this is one of the smallest phones we`ve seen in years. It is a little thick so is less suited to slimline pockets but it should leave ample room for all the other life essentials that find home in a handbag.

It`s also a rather glamorous looking device thanks to its cut-gem lines and super shiny deep-gloss finish. At least that`s the case for the top surface; sadly the bottom doesn`t have the same quality finish and is instead just metallic paint. Indeed, if you open the phone up and look at the back, it`s clear the two purples shades aren`t quite the same. (black and blue are also available along with a gold finish used on the Dolce & Gabbana panded version). We`re somewhat baffled by the decision to use clashing purples. Surely either a matching or completely different finish on the bottom would`ve looked classier? Still, fingerprints aside, the Jalou F100i does play its fashion phone part rather well.

We also love the hidden outer screen. This monochrome LCD display sits in the dimple on top of the phone where it`s completely invisible when off. Close the phone or press the side volume button while it`s closed and suddenly white lettering just appears on the top. We have seen these displays before but this one is particularly striking. It shows all the usual basic information like time, battery level, signal strength, and whether you`ve got a new message.

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