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iphone 5 price in Pakistan

iphone 5 price in Pakistan


The Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan. Buy Apple iPhone 5 most suitable price in Pakistan. visit PaperPk Shop for Mobile,bluetooth, memory cards etc prices.

iphone 5 price in Pakistan rupees . Iphone price is expected to be released in September in Pakistan. Enjoy ifone 5 new features

iphone 5 specs and features

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  1. Mr. Mansoor Malik you are absolutely right. But in 21st century mobile phones and other new electronic inventions are a part of our life. If we deny these electronic appliances, we cannot do something in our life. It is necessary to build our life style as like as normal life. Do not think that we cannot live without these electronic inventions.
    I hope that Pakistan will be the next country, who sell their electronic appliances like mobile, TV, and computer in all over the world.

    Rana Adnan

  2. helo i want iphone 5 64GB what is the price tel me

  3. Johar Mughal on November 18, 2013 @ 1:11 pm

    thats true bro…

  4. Mansoor everything have it pros and cons and its all depends on how humanity make use of it. U can read quran on smart phone or either watch porn. Its all depends on you. I performed hajj this year and all the time i was connected to my family watching my kids playing and smiling. For me its a blessing. I dont have movies or music in my phone coz these things a eveil. This is jst how you use this thing. Don’t say a thing eveil jst like that. humanity is evil.

  5. waaoow mansoor malik bhai u opend my eyez but u knw, evry1 willl just say that mansoor is still in past, our nation is ill thy jst used to copy others thy want these modren mobiles not for work but ofcors for style and thy want to b modernized thy want to beat thr frnds by using these mobile just wakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee up yarrrrr please we all are brothers and sisters we should try to made these not to b happy by using the other contry made products ,think positive about my comments hope u will get what i am trying to convence stay happy take care

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  7. Dont say that it is evil. Everything have two faces and it all depends on you whay you want to watch. Offcourse if you use it on the negative sence by calling unknown girls, watching porn, movies bla bla then absolutely it is the waste of time. But if you use it on the right way like if you a problem and nobody is there to solve it then you can use internet for help, if you are somewhere in a problem you can use it by calling ur frnds ur relatives, respect the progredd of IT that the whole world is connected by sharing and solving problems, u must think positive and use it on proper way

  8. helooo girls & guys….

    It dznt matter what type of invention u use but only the way u use,
    So plz make sure its positive use

  9. nice talking but all thing is imp like mobile its depend on use either positive or negetive and also depend on gatering friends

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  11. Muhammad Ibrar on July 4, 2014 @ 8:56 pm

    Very good topic for discussion,my dear fronds all these inventions are a part of our life.we can’t deny da role of all these instruments in our lives,its all about how u r using it den u well see da good and bad results

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  13. hahahah mansoor bahi great

  14. Dear All,

    Use the mobile for the ease in your life but don’t participate in the competition of having latest mobile and got brand concious. Bcoz it is all fictious !!! after iphone 6, there will be … iphone7 … iphone8 … iphone 9 and so on. Don’t get crazy abt them !!!
    just take normal mobile which can bring ease in your life.

  15. As far as -ve use of mobile is concerned, it all depends upon you level of purity in your spirit & health of your eman. Although, access to sins is getting easier now a days & temptation are everywhere. Solution to all this is to keep yourself away from all those peoples & places as much as practically possible. God will help each of us if we really want to save ourself.

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