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Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro Price in Pakistan

Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro Price in Pakistan


Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro

Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro Price in Pakistan .Buy Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro at most suitable price in Pakistan. Also check Second hand or used Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro in Pakistan. Check PaperPk Shop for Computer Accessories prices in Pakistan.

Chosen by professional gamers, the PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series sound card delivers the ultimate PC gaming audio experience. You’ll hear realistic EAX 5 sound effects and 3D positional audio so accurate you can locate opponents by mere sound – even over normal headphones. Plus, get unbeatable performance in your games with hardware accelerated audio and X-RAM.


* Realistic EAX 5.0 sound effects that pull you into the game
* Accurate 3D positional audio – even with normal headphones
* Accelerated audio for unbeatable game performance
* Clearer voice chats for better voice communication
* Works with PCI Express equipped PCs


* 24-bit Analog-to-Digital conversion of analog inputs: 96kHz sample rate
* 24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of digital sources: 96kHz to analog 7.1 speaker output
* 24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion of stereo digital sources: 192kHz to stereo output
* 16-bit to 24-bit recording sampling rates: 8,11.025,16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz
* ASIO 2.0 support: 16bit/44.1kHz,16-bit/48kHz, 24-bit/44.1kHz 24-bit/48kHz and 24-bit/96kHz with direct monitoring
* Enhanced SoundFont support: Up to 24-bit resolution
* X-RAM: 64MB
* Audio Performance (Rated Output @ 2Vrms, Typical Value)
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio (20kHz Low-pass filter, A-Weighted): Stereo Output 109dB
* Front and Rear Channels 109dB
* Center, Subwoofer and Side Channels 109dB
* Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise at 1kHz (20kHz Low-pass filter): 0.004%
* Frequency Response (-3dB, 24-bit/96kHz input ): 10Hz to 46kHz
* Frequency Response (-3dB, 24-bit/192kHz input): 10Hz to 88kHz (Stereo only)


* Line in / Microphone In: Shared 1/8″ mini jack
* Speaker Out: 4x 1/8″ mini jacks
* Optical Out: TOSLINK1
* Optical In: TOSLINK
* Intel HD Audio Compatible Front Panel Header: 2x 5-pin

I/O Drive Connectivity

* Auxiliary input: Two RCA jacks
* Headphone output and volume control: 3. 50 mm (1/8-inch) stereo jack
* Microphone input: 3. 50 mm (1/8-inch) stereo jack

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