LG Split D Look (Non-plasma) Air Conditioners price in Pakistan

TS-C126YDAO / TS-C1865DAO / TS-C2465DAO
Capacity :

12K / 18K / 24K

TS-C126YDAO Jet Cool (1 Ton) : Rs. 40,300
TS-C1865DAO (1.5 Ton) : Rs. 53,200
TS-C2465DAO (2 Ton) : Rs. 62,700

Type :

D Look (Non-plasma)
Features :
Jet Cool
MF Condenser
Chaos Wind
2 Way Auto Swing
7hr Off Timer
Sleep Operation
Specification (EER):

12KBTU > 9.52 BTU Hr. W
18KBTU > 10.00 BTU Hr. W
24KBTU > 9.2 BTU Hr. W

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