Drinking Water Pump Dispenser for 19 Litre Bottle T Pump Price in Pakistan

Item Details

T-Pump is a manual water distributor that can be effortlessly introduced on standard water bottles, jari can or different jugs accessible in market and changes them into a manual gadget. T-Pump offers a shabby and viable arrangement that encourages in overseeing substantial water jugs and it’s a substitution to electric water container, taps or stands and sparing a ton in long haul too.

It’s a perfect answer for the individuals who are sick of paying upgraded power charges because of water gadget. The pump is alright for family unit utilize. It is additionally simple to pour water to glass and drink specifically or fill water jugs or holders. Other than straightforward home utilize, the container connection is ideal for open air exercises, away treks, gatherings and occasions too.


Useable on Standard Bottles (19 L suggested), Jari Can or different containers accessible in market

Simple to administer water with T-PUMP as opposed to lifting or tilted overwhelming water bottles

Works simple by squeezing the head of pump

Fill a 240 ml glass in only 2 presses

Suit diverse sizes of containers because of customizable suction pipe length

Shoddy and temperate; no power cost

Surprisingly better and advantageous than a Tap

Made for enduring, nourishment review plastic (superb polypropylene)

Fantastic spring for effective blow with no immediate water contact

Ideal for Office, Home, Factory, Workshop, Picnic and all other event utilize

Once fitted, its water/air proof and avoids sullying

Environment inviting and has no well being risks

Mark: Other

Shading: Blue

Condition: New

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